Wednesday, February 07, 2007

6 months preggas... yeah! still looking good for home water birth. can't wait for the birth experience, which is weird coz i'm expecting it to hurt. the normal fear my brain usually associates with pain doesn't seem to have kicked in??? blissful ignorance perhaps??

been practising my 'breathing through the pain' techniques. was about to take my dog for a walk with mum on monday. opened the gate and a brick fell from above my head and landed on my foot. mum whisked me off to hospital as my right foot took on strange new forms. doc thinks it's broken but we decided not to get it x-rayed coz of baby.

fortunately we're staying with some mates at the moment, so there's plenty of people running around to make me cups of tea :) i love friends.

it's been good practice at not being in control. especially that moment when it hurts like hell and all you can do is sit there and be. something us westerners don't seem very good at.