Monday, November 03, 2008

i think i have come to the end of words.

for the last few years i have wrestled with them, redefined them, cross referenced them and argued them.

me brain, ever searching, was in disequilibrium and i fought to find balance. to reconcile the inconsistencies, make sense of the disparities, to find a new framework in which to rest.

it has been quite a journey, perhaps even a Road Less Travelled. i have been scared, lonely, held, persistent and confused. words and sentences have flown around my head seeking categories -fiction ? non-fiction? important insignificant? logical? biblical? Christlike? fundamental? the hunger for Truth ever present, ever pulling me forward.

but i seem to have come to the end of the road of words. i am more committed than ever to spiritual growth and having touched the taste of Love it is my only hunger. i just feel like God doesn't really care how i classify my sentences. He doesn't really care how i label Him.

to describe the indescribable?
to name the unnameable?
to label the divine?

what was i thinking??