Monday, November 03, 2008

i think i have come to the end of words.

for the last few years i have wrestled with them, redefined them, cross referenced them and argued them.

me brain, ever searching, was in disequilibrium and i fought to find balance. to reconcile the inconsistencies, make sense of the disparities, to find a new framework in which to rest.

it has been quite a journey, perhaps even a Road Less Travelled. i have been scared, lonely, held, persistent and confused. words and sentences have flown around my head seeking categories -fiction ? non-fiction? important insignificant? logical? biblical? Christlike? fundamental? the hunger for Truth ever present, ever pulling me forward.

but i seem to have come to the end of the road of words. i am more committed than ever to spiritual growth and having touched the taste of Love it is my only hunger. i just feel like God doesn't really care how i classify my sentences. He doesn't really care how i label Him.

to describe the indescribable?
to name the unnameable?
to label the divine?

what was i thinking??



Anonymous said...

now you've come to that realisation, instead of trying to contain God within your words (ie, contain the uncontainable) you might be able to simply rest in the joy of using language to catch glimpses of Him, and show glimpses of him to others.

language, although always falling short, helps us to comprehend and understand and express and ... well, you know what i mean.

simply see words as different coloured paints on your palate, and enjoy the wonder of creating new canvases as you fell compelled to.

have fun... matt

chloe said...

thanks for writing you xx